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RP Capital Group employs a flexible hands-on approach to every particular investment project and builds dedicated teams on the ground for successful project structuring and implementation. We believe that only by combining industry specific and cross-disciplinary international expertise with the local market knowledge we can achieve above market returns on our investments.
RP Capital’s Advisory business, focused on emerging markets, combines extensive experience within the industry with expertise in international and local financial markets to provide exceptional advisory services to institutions, private clients and governments. Power, energy and mining remain the areas of both interest and expertise for RP Capital Group. RP’s team have been and continue to work on a number of projects in these sectors in a few sub-Saharan countries in Africa. 
The Structured Transactions portfolio consists of comprehensive deals in IT Services, Mining, Agriculture, Oil and Gas Exploration and Financial Services. RP Capital’s Emerging Markets Fund tenders monthly liquidity and predominately invests in credit, equities and foreign exchange rates. 
Notably experienced in Real Estate, RP Capital ventures include the management of an Indian hotel development business named India Blue Mountains. The fund is an amalgamation between a local real estate developer and a leading hotel operator, Accor. Development projects are currently underway in Mumbai, Pune and Goa.

Financial and Investment Firms Targeting Emerging Markets for Long-term Gains

For the long-term investor—institutional or individual—looking to maximize his long-term investment strategies, emerging economies offer exciting opportunities to realize significant gain at a low entry price. Just about every investment analyst today agrees that any investment portfolio would be incomplete without a few investments in key emerging markets, such as Africa, Eastern Europe, India and the Middle East.

Emerging economies, though not risk-free, possess a number of positive attributes that make them good markets for investment. Their debt load is much lower than developed nations, very few are carrying more than 50% of GDP. Their economies are growing much faster than the economies of developed countries. According to the IMF, in fact, they are growing two to three times faster meaning that your investment return is going to be realized sooner. India’s GDP per capita grew around four to five times during the period of 1999 to 2012, according to a World Bank report. Developing countries are still flush with natural resources, and benefit from a younger workforce both of which provide longevity of economic growth. Also, as young developing economies, these nations tend to be more diversified, which protects them from the volatility of western economies.

For certain, there are risks, most notably the tendency toward political instability. Political unrest can significantly impact currency valuation and private sector growth. Analysts agree that it is very important to invest across a wide group of emerging market regions to protect against these fluctuations that are more likely to happen in less politically stable nations.

Financial investment firms do the necessary research required in order to steer your investment to those countries and sectors within the economy that offer the best chance for long-term growth and stability, such as utilities and healthcare companies.

Rafael Berber - CEO of RP Capital Group

Rafael Berber is a finance and investment expert residing in the United Kingdom. He is the CEO of RP Capital Group, an investment firm located in London. Berber holds two degrees, a BA in Economics and an MBA with distinction in Finance. After working for the investment bank Merrill Lynch for nearly two decades, Rafael Berber started RP Capital Group. Berber and RP Capital Group's intrepid team aim at securing their clients' future financial stability.


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RP Capital Group is a global financial services company with offices in London, Jersey and Mumbai. The company was founded in 2004 by Rafael Berber and specializes in Alternative Investments, Real Estate, Structured Transactions and Advisory services in emerging markets in the EEMEA region (Eastern Europe, Middle-East and Africa).

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